Dallas Austin

2x Grammy Winning Producer Introduces

Introducing BTV Solo: Powerful & Lightweight Music Production Software for Mac & PC. Packed with Features & Effects for Amazing Beats & Sounds!

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Too many Features!

Tools, Samples, Sounds, Effects & more!

BTV Solo is simply packed with stunning sounds, samples, effects & tools so you can create original amazing beats, basslines & melodies and send them through reverbs, delays, pitch shift and more!

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Hip Hop Beats?

Hip Hop & Dance Beats made Easy!

BTV Solo is perfect for Hip Hop, R’n'B, House, Soul, Dance – pretty much anything you want to produce, there are samples, sounds, effects & all sorts of tricks included to get award winning sounds right out of your Mac or PC.

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Professional & Affordable

World Class Sounds & Samples

Professionally recorded, edited & engineered sounds and samples – including sounds from Dallas Austin’s personal award winning stash…

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Packed with features for editing samples, adding effects, looping, pitching, filtering plus tonnes more – BTV Solo has an endless supply of inspiration in one neat package. Check out the features in more depth…

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Some of the worlds most awarded and acclaimed producers, song writers & artists share their views on BTV…

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Frequently Asked Questions. If you’ve got any questions we’ve probably answered them here. Have a good read there’s some good information and ideas in here.

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BTV Solo Beatmaker

BTV Solo

BTV Solo Beatmaker

Whether you’re producing a fantastic new track from scratch or remixing a classic masterpiece BTV Solo has everything you need in one affordable complete music production software package. From sampling to looping, Beat matching, Beat making, it really is the hit factory in a box.

BTV Solo is a fantastic new beatmaker & music production software designed to be quick and easy to use with stunning professional samples & drum sounds. Making beats really couldn’t get much easier in fact!

Dallas Austin - BTV Solo

2x Grammy Winning Producer & Songwriter (Michael Jackson, Will.i.am, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, TLC, Madonna, Pink & more) is giving YOU the same professional software & sounds he uses!

Endorsed by the Award Winning Producer Dallas Austin

Endorsed by Grammy winning producer Dallas Austin, it contains much of his library of sounds – his own personal stash! So if you have any doubts about the quality you can rest assured they’re from a 2x award winning producer – you can’t get any better assurance! BKE Sound Products are certainly are making big noises in the industry with several Grammy winning producers having only good things to say. Check out some of the artists here!

Amazing Offer – Fantastic Value!

For a limited time we’re offering you BTV SOLO for just $39.95 instead of $199!

Not only that but we’re also giving you a FREE licence – that’s right: TWO for the price of ONE! This means you can share a copy with your fellow musician / producer and both be working on the same songs on different computers – PC or Mac.

Beat Making couldn’t be easier!

From the moment you download BTV Solo beatmaker, you’re ready to go and get those hip hop grooves and swing that are the basis for every stunning sounding hip hop or R&B production you hear in the charts. For total production it comes complete with effects & processors such as reverb, delay & filters – no need to spend more money on anything else – you have it all with BTV Solo… beatmaker, effects unit, synth & sample editor.

Limitless Sounds & Beats!

BTV Solo EffectsBTV Solo beatmaker is limitless in what you can produce – you can upload your own carefully chosen drum samples or loops and BTV Solo will add them to your growing library and allow you to edit the samples add the same high quality effects such as reverb, delay, filter etc. as you can to Dallas’s own sounds.

What really sets BTV Solo apart from most other music production software is it’s speed & ease of use combined with actual sound libraries recorded by professionals. Most other’s simply have standard samples and loops. Anything else by comparison would be closer to $400 to achieve the same level of quality beats.

Read up on the many features, or read what some of the other award winning producers say and their thoughts on BKE Sound products. These guys are real producers who have had chart hit after chart hit – No 1 hits no less, and they’ve produced multi-million selling songs & albums and worked with some of the biggest names in R&B & Hip Hop.

There really is no other music production software to rival BTV Solo at this price for R&B or Hip Hop production – it’s been designed by producers for producers so you will feel at home with it straight away and find it one of the most intuitive beatmakers on the market.

Have a listen to the demos, or watch the BTV Solo beginner’s guide & tutorial and creating beats online with BTV Solo. When you see just how easy & good it is, give it a try for yourself, and if you’re not entirely satisfied with it within 60 days, we’ll refund your money in full – we’re that confident that you’ll agree with all the top industry artists & producers too!

Download BTV SOLO today for just $39.95 and get a second copy FREE!